Cheep, cheep … flights to Dubrovnik for Montenegro

Flying into Montenegro via Dubrovnik is 40% cheaper now than last year, apparently. I’m going out to our apartment in Montenegrofor a week at the end of March – one of my favourite times to be there, as the sun is warm, the air clear, and there is an abundance of beautiful spring flowers.

The church tower can be seen from the balcony of our apartment.

One of the best walks I’ve ever been on is to Upper Stoliv. A stone-lined mule track rises from the waterfront in Stoliv, on the Boka Kotorska, and wends its way through chestnut trees and olive groves, past some very placid (and photogenic) cows, to the old village aloft.

Holy cow! the only thing we met en route for Upper Stoliv - until we saw the donkeys.

Now it’s inhabited by a few donkeys and some hardy villagers. But the number of houses, and the church, bear testament to former, happier times. It’s a superb place for photos, as the church is a landmark for shipping entering the inner bays, and can be seen for miles.

The only way up is by donkey...

And rather intriguingly, there’s what looks like another of the line of Napoleonic forts on the opposite headland. Even with my super-strong camera lens, I cannot see a road to it. I wonder if Google Earth can help …


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